Thursday, December 10, 2015

How Far Can You Travel On Just Twenty Dollars?

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How far can you travel on 20 bucks. You won't make it far at the airport or the bus stop and $20 might buy you three quarters of a tank of gas. 

For less than $20 my book WHEN LEAVES CHANGE COLOR  will take you to New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming in the 17th Century for the best trip you have ever had for $20 and you don't even need to leave your house. Read on!  

The wild mustangs of Wyoming inspired John Bradford Branney to write his sixth book, WHEN LEAVES CHANGE COLOR, a story based on the introduction of horses to the Plains Indians of Wyoming in the late 17th Century. LEAVES begins with a vivid description of a violent attack, part of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt on a sprawling Spanish family ranch, out of which spins intricate bifurcated sub-plots emanating from separate hostile Indian massacres. Two sub-plots or themes are masterfully and skillfully coiled and twined and twisted like a Southwestern Indian basket. The reader is led through the maturation of the Spanish rancher’s son in his quest to be reunited with his younger brother. A parallel journey takes the reader along with a young coming-of-age warrior-to-be searching for the captured young Indian woman he loves--a journey on which he discovers a miraculous gift that changes the future of his tribe. That discovery takes a most unpredictable twist in completing the selvage of the basket that becomes this captivating story.  

The wild red roan colt that inspired and starred in the book WHEN LEAVES CHANGE COLOR. 


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