Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Book Review of SHADOWS ON THE TRAIL by John Bradford Branney

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The seed for Shadows on the Trail sprouted on an early summer morning in 2010 on a northern Colorado ranch when I found a Paleoindian tool made from a red and gray striped rock from a prehistoric rock quarry in Texas. As I stared down at this prehistoric tool made by one of our First Americans, several questions raced through my mind. How did this tool end up in a prehistoric campsite in northern Colorado, five hundred miles to the north of the prehistoric rock quarry? Who made it? What was he or she like? What happened on its journey from Texas to northern Colorado? Since it was impossible for me to ask the Paleoindian who made it, I wrote my own version of his journey.      

The book review for Shadows on the Trail follows.


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Thursday, March 12, 2015

WINDS OF EDEN by John Bradford Branney - A Book Review!

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Hailed for its accurate depiction of life on the prairies and mountains of prehistoric Texas and Colorado, WINDS OF EDEN is a fast-paced read that accurately builds on clues from the archaeological record and traditions practiced by the first Americans.
What happens when the hunters become the hunted? That is what readers have been eagerly waiting to find out in WINDS OF EDEN, the thrilling finale to John Bradford Branney’s series of books about a Paleo-Indian tribe in prehistoric America.

In the conclusion of this highly acclaimed historical series of novels, the Folsom People return to the plains and mountains of Texas and Colorado at the end of the last Ice Age, a time of dramatic climate change, rising temperatures and melting glaciers. This was a time when several large mammal species went extinct and when small bands of humans roamed the mountains and plains attempting to survive in an unforgiving and violent world. WINDS OF EDEN quickly propels readers into the story where the first two novels of the trilogy left off. Chayton and the Folsom People are continuing their fight of survival in a violent and unpredictable prehistoric world with little more than their spears and wits.
And now the book review for Winds of Eden by Prehistoric  American Journal.


The four - inch long Alibates discoidal biface, the inspiration
for the Shadows on the Trail Trilogy. 

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