Friday, July 11, 2014

New Novel By Author John Bradford Branney Challenges Assumptions On The Nature Of Faith And Karma

Light Hidden by Darkness (Click Link)
The latest novel by the author of the bestselling ‘Shadows of the Trail Trilogy’ confronts head-on the accepted ideas surrounding Faith, Karma, and Afterlife

In his latest novel, Light Hidden by Darkness, Branney presents his ideas on the nature of the afterlife and redemption through the struggles of one Seamus Winshell who awakens one morning only to find a stranger’s face staring back at him in the mirror.

From this book’s startling beginning, author Branney weaves a satirical tale rich in philosophical ideas and peopled by a diverse range of characters, including a potentially dangerous doorman and an ex-prostitute named Gloria. Together, they piece together the full magnitude of Seamus’s predicament. Seamus eventually realizes he is in this place to atone for his transgressions during his prior life. Can Seamus Winshell find his family and right the tremendous wrongs they suffered at his hands? Will he be prepared to pay what may be the ultimate price?

“This is quite an unnerving book and a definite change of direction for John,” said Sarah Luddington, Mirador Publishing’s Commissioning Editor. “It is a brave author who is willing to tread a new path when it would have been very easy to stay with a popular series a while longer.”

“The story behind Light Hidden by Darkness crept into my subconscious mind at a very young age, at a time when I began to question a few concepts raised during my religious upbringing,” author Branney said, “I wanted to know specifically how things worked in the afterlife and what these places looked like. Since it was impossible for me to obtain a round trip ticket to these places to find out answers, I wrote my own version of the journey. Of course, I have added what I believe is an intriguing, and sometimes lighthearted, story with enough twists and turns to keep the reader on his or her toes.”

Light Hidden by Darkness is John Bradford Branney’s fourth novel. In 2011, Branney finished his career in the oil and gas industry where he held several senior and executive management positions. He holds a B.S. degree in geology from the University of Wyoming and a MBA from the University of Colorado. John currently lives in Houston Texas with his wife, Theresa.

Mirador Publishing continues their support of new authors and are proud to present John Bradford Branney as an author to watch out for.

For more information, visit the author at John Bradford Branney, Author on Facebook and at this blog at

Light Hidden by Darkness is available in all good bookshops and online retailers both in paperback and eBook formats. Mirador Publishing may be contacted via their website at

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