Thursday, August 8, 2013

Saving Miguel Presents a Terrifying Vision of World Economic Collapse

            In my novel Saving Miguel, it was my intention to paint a realistic picture of what the world would look like after Global Economic Armageddon. In the harsh new world that exists after the world economy has collapsed, the values of major currencies have plummeted; countries, companies and entire industries have disappeared; unemployment has skyrocketed to over 70 per cent; governments and their politicians have fallen from grace and prosperity.

This new world is now owned and run by a few, wealthy Oligarchs who treat the citizens of the world as their subjects and the world's resources as their own.

         But, how did the global economy escalate to the point where this vision could actually occur? It did not happen over night. The world economy has gotten progressive worse and more volatile over the last decade. We are now seeing the results of overspending and fiscal irresponsibility by governments and individuals alike. Countries, cities, companies, and individuals are declaring bankruptcy in droves. The sluggish world economy progresses on a wing and a song.

        The link below is to a video called Economic Collapse 2014. It summarizes the current political and economic situation in the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America. Many commentators compare the U.S. to another great empire that is destined to fall, just like the  Roman Empire. Both empires lived in excess, overextending themselves. Both empires were led by corrupt and ineffective politicians. If the United States falls, like the Roman Empire did, the domino effect to other economies would be devastating. 

What can we do? Well we can take the advise of such pundits as Glenn Beck and have x number of years of food supply or build a bomb shelter or arm ourselves, but that assumes we cannot stop this economic slide that has already begun.

US Government Budget Deficit Spending. Courtesy
The next best thing is to replace these people in Washington who have ineffectively led the government. You will see them in this video. These lawmakers have put this country in jeopardy through poor legislation and pork belly economics. Where are the elected officials who will reestablish fiscal responsibility and work to get the country living within its means, before this world becomes the world of Miguel!

I hope you enjoy Saving Miguel and provide me feedback after you have read it. Now, please enjoy the video.

Economic Collapse 2014

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