Friday, July 26, 2013

SAVING MIGUEL! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's Another Drone!

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      It was a hot and sticky day in the city’s marketplace. Dust and the sour smells of decaying meat and vegetables permeated the stifling air. The large crowd of people bumped into each other as they attempted to walk up and down the bustling street, turning left and right through a maze of food stands set up along the street. For a few tokens issued by the Monarchy, citizens could buy one of the few gaunt animal carcasses hanging on hooks or the past ripe vegetables rotting in the sun.

     A small metallic bird hovered over the marketplace, searching for a human who matched the facial features programmed into its tiny electronic brain. The metallic bird zoomed back and forth from one end of the marketplace to the other, recording the dimensions and measurements of each face in the crowd, so it could crosscheck these against its mission parameters.

    A long haired man with a long, unkempt beard stood on one corner of the bustling marketplace selling cheap hallucinogenic drugs to any unfortunate citizen who needed them, but more importantly could pay for them. The long haired man looked up in the sky and watched the silver-colored bird buzz back and forth, up and down the length of the marketplace, like a bumblebee on steroids.  

     The long haired man ripped open his backpack and pulled out what appeared to be an old radar gun used by police officers from days in the past. He flipped on the radar gun’s power switch and pointed it in the little metallic bird’s direction. When the metallic bird zoomed past the man again, he aimed and pulled the trigger on the radar gun. The metallic bird’s tiny engine sputtered and then stopped midair, sending the metallic bird on a collision course with the ground. However, before the metallic bird met its fate, it had already sent to its master the GPS coordinates of its prey.

                                             Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or drone) - A common sight
                                                   in the 'Big Brother is Watching You' world of Saving Miguel.   

       The above four paragraphs were taken from my action adventure called Saving Miguel.
The inspiration for Saving Miguel came from a haunting concern I have about the global economy
and my vision of what the world would look like IF and when global economic Armageddon

      In Saving Miguel, the post-economic Armageddon world resembles Russia in the 1990s after the
Berlin Wall fell. A few super-rich opportunistic and well-connected individuals or Oligarchs in
Russia ended up controlling the resources and power of the country while ordinary people lived in poverty and did most of the suffering. In Saving Miguel, this same situation expands globally!         

       Like most people, I have watched the global economy with concern as it has flirted with disaster
off and on for the past twelve years or so. In my career in the oil and gas industry, I was trained to be
a scientist and a businessman, not an economist, but when I read and listened to what the media
was reporting and how the markets were performing in 2008, it did not take too much imagination to see how close the world was to unraveling, economically speaking. Even today, the symptoms are there for a global economic upheaval; an overall weak global economy, persistently high unemployment, out-of-control government spending and stimulus, the European banking crisis, the weakening of the U.S. dollar, high government debt, and the slowing of growth in the once hot Asian economy.

      Saving Miguel is not a story about the global economic Armageddon. It is a story about the
aftermath of global economic Armageddon and how people have learned to survive. More importantly, it is a story about the resilience of  common people and how they find hope in a world where there is little.   

       I hope you decide to give Saving Miguel a try and escape to another time and place! Enjoy the journey!

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